Thermalux focuses on saving energy

Friday 18 November 2022

Thermalux is constantly looking for new ways to minimise energy consumption. The current energy crisis is catching our attention and we are looking for innovative solutions to use energy in a clever way. We would like to communicate some recent innovations that reduce energy consumption for you.

Our recent modifications:

  1. More energy-friendly control system by smoothing out peak currents
  2. Extra insulation
  3. Reduced power consumption of the infrared panels
  4. In addition to insulating single glazing, we also offer double glazing for extremely cold areas (-20°C or colder)
  5. Wider strips on the doors that provide a complete seal


What does a sauna session actually cost?

Suppose the current price of electricity is €0.50/kWh*:


Sauna - 6 kWh x € 0.50 = € 3.00/hour

Infrared - 2.8 kWh x € 0.50 = € 1.40/hour


Divide price per kWh by 1.7 as it consumes less (€ 0.50/1.7= € 0.29).

Sauna - 6 kWh x € 0.29 = € 1.79/hour

Infrared - 2.8 kWh x €0.29 = €0.81/hour

* Don't forget to include the price of electricity in your region in these calculations to get the exact cost.