Thermalux shines at the Landscape Ontario Congress 2024

The official launch of our luxury saunas in Canada!

Breaking borders, breaking ground

We ventured beyond our European origins and proudly entered the Canadian market. The Landscape Ontario Congress 2024 was the perfect stage for us to introduce our luxurious saunas, marking a significant milestone in our international journey. That’s how we kicked off the new year!

The Landscape Ontario Congress Booth

We showcased our sauna alongside our Canadian representative, IDC Home, together with other high-end outdoor living brands such as Renson, Heatsail, and Royal Botania. Next to our matte black MIX sauna, the Heatsail Dome was installed with a matching finishing. The booth, complemented by a Renson pergola and Royal Botania outdoor furniture, achieved a seamless harmony among diverse renowned brands.

A new wellness dimension for Canadians – all eyes on our collections

On the landscape show, we introduced Canadians to a whole new world of wellness. In a market where barrel saunas dominate, Thermalux turned heads and stood out, garning a wave of positive responses at the congress from retailers, designers and architects. When attendees laid eyes on our diverse range of saunas, featuring different styles and designs, the excitement reached new heights. The moment they explored our various samples from all collections, the unanimous reaction was pure enthusiasm. We are thrilled that our dedication to craftsmanship and innovation resonated so strongly with everyone. Our expo model was even sold within a week to a Canadian architect!

Moving forward

Fueled by success in Canada, Thermalux is gearing up to conquer the US market. We are in the process of finding the right partners to quickly bring our products to the US market as well. Stay tuned as we write the next chapter and continue redefining wellness on an international scale. Curious for more? Stay tuned!

Vytvorte si vlastné kombinácie

V spoločnosti Thermalux chápeme, že každý má iné potreby, pokiaľ ide o wellness. Preto ponúkame rôzne kombinácie, ktoré vyhovujú vašim potrebám. Chceli by ste okrem sauny aj parný kúpeľ? Alebo pripojenú odkladaciu miestnosť? Žiadny problém! Dajte nám vedieť, aké sú vaše želania, a spoločne sa pozrieme na možnosti.

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