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We help you create the perfect wellness setting that meets your expectations. 

Infrared sauna, spa, hot tub or a complete home wellness? The options are infinite and our products remain timeless and classy.

Your wellness in a modern outfit

Thermalux wants to step away from the traditional.

Continuously innovating and inspiring. Introducing a new way of living through home wellness. A built-in sauna that flawlessly blends with the characteristics of your home. Or an outdoor jacuzzi that matches your garden. We make sure our products complement your interior as well as your exterior design. 

Pure belgian product

We manufacture all of our wellness products in our own factory. Thermalux is an own-label brand. We design, produce, sell and install. No supply chain or dealerships. You buy our products directly from us and we assist you from A tot Z. We love to take the time to find the ideal wellness solution that meets your requirements. 


Thermalux originated right here in Belgium. This well-thought-out concept combined two passions : physiotherapy and the medical power of infrared saunas.

Founder and CEO Mario Mertens spent years treating people with various types of chronic injuries during his time as a physiologist. The benefits of infrared heating on our body and muscles and the technology behind it, became the key value and starting point of Thermalux.

What started with buying and selling infrared saunas, quickly developed into creating an own-product. A design infrared sauna, with a lot of eye for detail and quality. And a 100% Belgian label.

After ten years we are still very proud of our products. It seemed the infrared sauna would only pave the way for something bigger. Thermalux has expanded its collection and the possibilities are very diverse. From indoor and outdoor wellness products, such as saunas, steam rooms and pool houses, to a fully equipped home wellness combination.

We have grown into a well-established name within the industry and still enjoy helping our customers on their wellness journey. No project is too small or challenging. We install our products the way you want it, where you want it.


Are you ready to create your own wellness getaway? We are more than happy to provide you with detailed information about our products in our showroom. It gives us the opportunity to learn about your needs and enables you to take a closer look at our products.

We only work by appointment, so we can take our time to discuss your project.

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